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The safety and health of your squad comes first!

Our commitment is to ensure that every animal receives the care and products they need to thrive and reach their full potential. With decades of experience in the sector, we offer innovative, high-quality solutions to meet the demands of agribusiness.

Whether it's nutrition, biosecurity or stewardship, we're here to provide the support and products you need to ensure the well-being and success of your business.


We provide our customers with technical services through veterinary and zootechnical assistance. This enables detailed monitoring of squad performance.

Commercial representation

We are the commercial representation that stands out for bringing the best solutions in the animal health segment. Our portfolio features innovative products focused on animal nutrition, health and biosecurity.

Commercial Distribution

Our infrastructure is designed to guarantee excellence in stock logistics, providing speed in product delivery and agility in customer service.


Discover the History of Tradition and Innovation at Basetto Agro

We started our journey in a store in the center of Valinhos, with two employees. In just two years, we were already expanding our deliveries throughout the region, expanding our team to ten employees and diversifying our product line.

In 2007, faced with the growth in sales to poultry and swine companies, we founded Basetto Agro, focused on serving this specific market with excellence.

Companies we represent

Basetto Agro was a pioneer in the import and development of the Olmix line in Brazil, and is currently a strategic partner of the company for the poultry and pork market.

Get in touch and discover how innovative seaweed-based technology can transform your profitability, increasing productivity and strengthening the health of your herd!


Areas of expertise



Commercial Posture

Water treatment



Import and distribution of veterinary products

Basetto Agro stands out for its commitment to innovation, quality and sustainable practices in agribusiness.



By choosing Basetto Agro products and services, customers have the opportunity to optimize their processes, improve the health and performance of production animals, adopt more sustainable practices and increase productivity!
Technological Innovation in Animal Nutrition

At the forefront of agribusiness, Basetto Agro stands out for offering innovative solutions in animal nutrition.

Environmental Commitment and Sustainability:

Basetto Agro incorporates responsible practices throughout the production chain, contributing to a more sustainable agribusiness aligned with environmental demands.

Electronic Monitoring and Efficient Logistics

We invest in cutting-edge technology to guarantee quality from storage to delivery.


Full storage control

until the final destination!

Trust in Basetto Agro’s efficiency! With our own delivery, we guarantee safety and speed in reaching you.